One more reason Millennials may want to reconsider their Socialist (and anti-GOP) urges

Fox Business article: “Baby boomers…on the cusp of giving mass amounts of money to their children. During the next 30 years, a staggering $36 trillion is expected to flow from Boomers to Gen X, according to a report from wealth manager United Income.”

First, thank you Donald Trump…and Republican monetary policies making it happen.

And, hey, Millennials: guess what a Socialist government would do with that money?

But, just as importantly…guess what happens to that potential, if a high-tax, slow-growth, inheritance-taxing Democrat Party gets back into power in Washington?

For the sake of your future, understand how the Stock Market stagnated for eight years with Obama/Democrat policies…and how it’s flourished under Trump/GOP policies.

(‘Cuz regardless of what you’re told, that’s how the ‘next 30 years’ will be possible.)

2020? Vote your wallet, kids…unless you want it picked from your pocket.

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