Regardless of legalese, Americans DO see this impeachment as a trial

We’ll start by declaring openly we are NOT legal experts. BlueCollarPerspective is just that…a site where the blue-collar American voices a blue-collar opinion, based on fact.

That said, our opinion regarding the Left’s routine trampling rule-of-law is on full display in the House Democrat impeach-effort, and fairness is integral to America’s identity.

The esteemed Andy McCarthy took to the digital waves Thursday, to impress upon all of us blue-collar types the fact that impeachment is a ‘political’ process, not a criminal trial.

With all due respect to Mr. McCarthy, any process which is used to strip away the duly-elected political authority (i.e., executive power) IS seen as a legal proceeding…

…by Americans who voted for this President – due process can’t easily be dismissed.

Our Constitution calls for a standard of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’; but, if ‘crimes’ are a standard, then such a proceeding…regardless of legal meanderings…is a court.

It doesn’t matter what legal experts can argue: Americans want FAIRNESS.

Face it: a lawyer who can argue an unborn child is not human, and convince a court of such bilge, can roll over any due-process or rule-of-law sanity with impunity. We get it; you guys are smart, and when you say black is white or up is down, the battle’s over.

But, unlike singular judge rulings, or shifty-selected jury verdicts, next Nov. election day Americans will be judge and jury…what they see with hearsay opinions, secret back-door sessions, and ‘witness’ grooming/tampering goes against any concept of fair play.

Andy McCarthy notes “Impeachment, however, is not even a legal proceeding, much less a criminal trial. It is a political proceeding. No one’s liberty is at stake; it is strictly about whether an official should be stripped of political authority – in the president’s case, of the executive power.” But, what about the Americans who elected him?

This shampeachment process is a direct attack against Americans, not just one man. If their ‘political process’ tactics are recognized for what they are, does Mr. McCarthy think Americans will accept punitive ‘legal-disguised-as-political’ methods to screw Trump?

(And, by association, screw the Americans who elected him?)

To make matters worse, Mr. McCarthy argues “because the Constitution wholly vests the process of impeachment in the House, and the conduct of impeachment trials in the Senate, those chambers have plenary authority (ed. ‘complete and absolute power’) over the respective proceedings. No court has the power to tell the House or Senate what quantum of due process must be afforded to an official in an impeachment case. No one can make Congress apply the Sixth Amendment.” 

Really? The Constitution ‘wholly vests’ the President to “…take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” ...but that doesn’t stop Left-wing judges from blocking him, does it?

(And, what’s most important next Nov. is a Court of Public Opinion. Legal experts may not take that into consideration with pontifications, but Americans will have their say.)

For three years, we’ve seen what punitive ‘legal’ maneuvering the powers-that-be can perform with weaponized FBI, CIA, Justice Dept., and State Dept…and we’re sick of it.

Legal-eagles may see nothing wrong with refusing to let a citizen defend themselves…

…but the American citizenry are fortunate not to be wearing those blinders.

Nobody understands these differentiations better than President Donald Trump.

In our humble BlueCollar opinion.

(P.S. – impeachment may be ‘political process’…but if wrongful termination results…)

(P.P.S. – then there’s workplace harassment…)

(P.P.P.S. – and corrupt and/or fraudulent acts under color of political office…)

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