‘When did the State Dept stop answering to the Executive Branch?’

That’s the first and ONLY question Republicans need to ask at Schiff’s ‘hearing’.

Hearings will be full of testimony from deep-staters on would’a-could’a-should’a opinion regarding the policy, manner, and tone with which foreign affairs are being carried out.

Foreign policy is conducted by the State Dept…as the President directs. They answer to him, not the reverse. Elected presidents set policy, not unelected bureaucrats.

House Democrats need a reminder. Constituents must do the reminding…

…because the media won’t.

Democrats opened a Pandora’s box of election-meddling, but now when the real perps are threatened with exposure, they want to slam it tight shut using ‘impeach’ tactics.

And, if they want to argue the merits of foreign policy, it should be done forthrightly.

For too long, they’ve acted as if in power even when they weren’t…and got away with it.

This gossip-monger is just another extension of #Resist, and should be outed as such.

This ‘impeachment inquiry’ effort is more of the same-old, same-old, acting as if they still had the reins of power…and the authority to conduct their foreign policy their way.

No more. There’s a new Sheriff in town…and his name is Donald Trump.

Hey guys, it’s not this President’s fault Democrats produce corrupt candidates for their Party. It’s his job to investigate corruption by U.S. citizens. You call it ‘impeachable’…

…we call it KARMA.

(You almost got away with it with Hillary, but didn’t you know Comey’s gone?)

Impeach the President? For what…doing his job?

Sorry, Democrats, that doesn’t fit the ‘high crimes & misdemeanors’ requirement…

…but your actions do.

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