Call it what it is…an impeachment Jihad

What else defines an implacable, unjustified effort to bring down an elected President?

And, no, calling a foreign leader and asking for them to help investigate corruption isn’t problematic: it’s done all the time, and as Biden himself admitted, corruption occurred.

Investigating corrupt political activities should be laudable…not impeachable.

It’s beyond hypocritical to collude with foreign agents and nations to affect an election, then condemn the elected for investigating such activities when THEY are exposed.

17 angry Democrats and Mueller couldn’t find evidence of Trump collusion with Russia.

235 angry Democrats can only FABRICATE evidence of Ukraine ‘quid-pro-quo’ now.

Their whistleblower gossip-monger had to use 2nd-&-3rd-hand hearsay, and back-room shady practices to manufacture outrage over something that didn’t happen, in the hope that FakeNews accomplices can obscure reality long enough to delegitimize President Trump…and the impending AG investigations that will ensnare deep-staters soon.

Their impeachment jihad will continue…for their very survival. And begs the question…

…how does anyone fail to see this jihad’s fueled by desperate corruption

…not opposing ideology?

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