The clowns that mis-regulated PG&E now think they can run it?

Democrats have controlled California for several decades, and part of that ‘control’ was in regulating public utilities…or, as we’ve seen in stark reality…MIS-REGULATED them.

So, when a headline like this appears…

“California governor threatens to take over PG&E”

…one can only hope this was a joke on an opening segment of Saturday Night Live.

Considering how Democrats have mis-managed gas-taxes and other highway funds, one can only imagine what they’d do with an electric utility. They can’t even handle a homeless problem, where their only claim to fame is bringing back typhus and leprosy.

Their crazy kowtowing to environmentals resulted in forest mismanagement situations and drastic water shortages, and their lousy regulatory oversight created this mess.

What other states SHUT OFF POWER because there might be a wildfire?

God help PG&E customers if Newsom acts on this threat. Pray he’s joking…

…otherwise, those regions now controlled by PG&E are in for many more blackouts.

With ‘Typhoid’ Democrats at the helm, evening campfires will be the new norm.

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