BIG challenge for opposition…how to make a ‘ceasefire’ a bad thing?

Whoops, how can Trump-haters spin this as a failure? “Pence, Pompeo secure cease-fire agreement in Syria after meeting with Turkish president”

Let’s add up the score from this latest foreign-policy hat-trick by Pres Trump after he announces withdrawal of a handful of American troops from a Syria-Kurd imbroglio…

  1. Democrats & deep-state immediately oppose, which means they want more war;
  2. FakeNews melts down, fakes ‘war-torn Syria’ video, self-confirming FAKE news;
  3. Turkey’s leader is forced into a 180, accepts negotiating…w-America mediating;
  4. VP Pence and Secretary Pompeo announce a ceasefire has been achieved.

Uh-oh…that makes it…President Trump – 4, and Dems/Deepstate/FakeNews – 0

Hmm – a hat-trick is a 3-pointer…

Oh, okay…this is a Grand Slam

(At least until the Zucker/Pelosi/Clapper triumvirates spin out an alternate narrative)

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