Wait…ONLY 1-in-5 California lawmakers ID’d as criminals…?

Can’t make this stuff up – as reported by Breitbart: “Report: Amazon’s Facial Recognition System Identifies 1 in 5 California Lawmakers as Criminals”

‘1 in 5’…That’s all???? That’s only 20%…buttt…

…considering what the Democrats have done to California and its citizens, we think it should be more along the lines of 4-in-5…80%. Witness San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

That’s all the proof anyone needs.

(If more proof is needed, drive the crumbling roads, buy highest-taxed gas, or visit a nearby failing school system…we could go on, but any honest person must see it.)

A tech-giant like Amazon is hardly necessary to ID criminals in our midst…

…who needs Facial Recognition, when Failure Recognition is EVERYWHERE? 

(Yeah – we know the Breitbart story is about mistaken identity…but this is where the actual Reality runs wildly headlong into a ‘No, Seriously…They ARE Criminals’ irony.)

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