…defining the height of political arrogance…

Political arrogance, defined, as reported at Breitbart.com this morning: “Democrats Threaten Supreme Court: Reject Second Amendment or Face Court-Packing”

Democrat-controlled Chicago and Democrat-controlled Baltimore should, one would think, be a very negative example of how effective Democrat gun-control policy is.

“3 Democrat-Run Cities… Most Responsible For National Murder Rate Increase”

(The 3 cities run by Democrats for decades: Chicago, Baltimore, and Houston)

What part of that 2017 headline gives any confidence in Democrat policy on this issue?

In Chicago over 2017, 4331 shooting victims…over 2018, 414 dead by gun violence and in Baltimore, over the year of 2018, that city suffered 309 deaths from gun violence.

Where was the media outrage over those mass shootings?



Yeah, yeah, ‘Democrats threaten Supreme Court’…that’s the ticket.

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