Experts in using dirt/slime opposition research do not welcome competition

Democrats are DEFINED by their use of opposition research ‘dirt’, and judging by the outcry, any possibility an opponent would be willing to use it scares them senseless.

Ironic, no? It’s as if the Steele dirt-dossier’s phony allegations never existed.

The country is being torn apart because of Democrat use of foreign dirt oppo-research and here we are with a 24/7 media meltdown…over what a Republican might do?

The additional irony over this kerfuffle is the fact that the Mueller probe confirms that the Trump campaign refused or walked away from attempts by colluding foreigners…

…but that can’t be said for Hillary. Mueller ignored Democrat collusion with foreigners and that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…there’s a mountain of evidence that it did.

It’s just being ignored.

Just when you think the hypocrisy can’t get any greater…

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