WAIT! Media is outraged over Hillary using foreign disinformation?

While media goes into full-throttle condemnation of President Trump saying he would listen to foreign nations who claim they have dirt on political opposition, they forget…


Which begs the question:

Are media outraged at what Trump might do…but not at what Hillary DID do?

And, begs another question:

Are media unaware that a President is the chief U.S. law enforcement officer?

In that role, he’s obligated to hear what unlawful acts may have been committed (not to mention the inconvenient fact he’s the leader of a Nation, obligated to listen to allies).

That said, media’s faux outrage can only be seen as Beyond Bizarre.

UPDATE As reported at the NY Post: “Pelosi pushes anti-collusion legislation after Trump says he’d take dirt from foreign countries” GREAT IDEA, Nancy, and let’s make it retroactive to…say…2015 – so we can bring Hillary and the Democrat Nat’l Committee in to face charges for their 2016 Steele dossier foreign collusion HOAX!!!

C’mon Nan, let’s go FULL BORE…

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