Does the Trump opposition want to hear the true answers AG Barr will provide?

Margot Cleveland, at the Federalist asks the 64-dollar question: “…answering the bottom-line question plaguing Barr: “How did we get to the point here where the evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians and accused of being treasonous and accused of being a Russian agent?”

We would add: falsely accused by those provably GUILTY of those same acts. 

Colluding with foreign actors, treasonously using Russian disinformation for the purpose of election-interference, and by that act…in effect, performing as a Russian agent.

Key indications things won’t go their way is Mueller stalling Nadler’s call for appearing at a House Judiciary hearing…maybe because of all that’s been revealed up to now?

On top of DOSSIER-gate, FISA-gate, and LEAK-gate…now LURE-gate again is news.

Seems the ‘dossier’ author Steele admitted one of his so-called Russian sources for the disinformation used in the dirt-dossier was a long-time associate of FBI/CIA lure Halper.

From probably illegal acts that began the spying on Trump’s campaign, and revelations learned since, Mueller may not want to be asked WHY he failed to probe certain areas.

Certain areas, specifically, which incriminates the Democrat Party in this hoax. Mueller may not be interested in addressing those issues…but AG Barr certainly looks curious.

It just keeps on coming, Hillary. Not sure how you and your Party gets out of this one.

Every accusation the Trump opposition throws out blows up in their face, because it all leads back tothe Trump opposition hoaxsters – which begs a very real question:

Are they willing to listen to the TRUTH when AG Barr gets to the bottom of this hoax?

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