It was a PRESIDENTIAL campaign…even stricter FISA app scrutiny should’ve been required

As speculation and predictions mount, the Dept of Justice Insp Gen’l report on FISA app abuse is to be released soon. Sources say the results will be damning, for many.

That said, we can’t help but ask…what honest FISC judge would not realize that, when a target of a FISA app ensnares a presidential candidate, stricter scrutiny was needed?

Lost in the hand-rubbing glee at prospects of FBI heavy-weights and lackeys being frog-marched to court, is one salient fact – a FISC judge should’ve demanded solid proof.

Not just ‘trust me, judge’…not hearsay, or 2nd/3rd-hand sourcing.

Not when the target was part of a presidential campaign of an opponent Party. That’s politically charged to the max: any judge worth their salt should’ve required factual data.


Wrong-doers should be prosecuted…judges enabling chicanery should be, too.

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