GOP tax cuts are working…but over-spending hides that truth

Ugly truth: at Issues-&-Insights today: “While federal revenues are $35 billion higher so far this year than last, spending is up by $181 billion. And while revenues for the entire year will climb $109 billion, that won’t be nearly enough to keep pace with the $421 billion hike in spending, according to current Treasury forecasts.” (emphasis added)

Let that sink in: GOP tax cuts foster a booming economy, and gov’t gets more revenue but then, turns around and spends 3.8 times MORE than the increased revenues.

The clown-car filled with Democrat hopefuls (23 by last count) claim that deficit growth is because of Republican tax-cuts they plan to end, but the real culprit is SPENDING.

Do the math…

any fool knows what happens when they spend 3.8x more than their income.

Except, of course…Democrat politicians (and their media accomplices).

The only difference is, they’re overspending OUR money.

In a business, if the CEO allowed 3.8 times more spending than that business took in, owners – without hesitation – would throw that CEO out the door in a heartbeat

and we should do the same with spend-crazy politicians.

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