No need to panic, Deep-staters…FISA-spying on Americans requires probable cause, so show it

Hey – What’s the problem, people?

Bizarre, the angst playing out within the Democrat Party and their media masters, since all that’s needed to quiet AG Barr’s claim of ‘spying’ is to show there was good reason.

Legal expert Fox News contributor (and former federal prosecutor) Andy McCarthy notes a FISA warrant to surveille American citizens simply requires probable cause.

Surely Democrats must agree basic legal standards must be followed, ESPECIALLY when it involves an incumbent administration spying on an opposition campaign?


As McCarthy says “If there were real evidence that the opposition party’s presidential nominee was conspiring with a foreign power to commit crimes, especially espionage to influence the campaign, then the incumbent administration would have an obligation to investigate and to take appropriate action.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

We agree; you’d think by the ‘outrage’ shown by the Democrats/media/Left and Never-Trump’ers for 2 years, they’d be stampeding to get that EVIDENCE out there for us.

So, c’mon guys…BRING ON YOUR EVIDENCE…or stop the faux-wailing outrage.

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