When it became ‘spying’…

“Comey on Barr’s ‘spying’ claim: ‘I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about'”

Jim: It became ‘spying’ when not one intelligence or law enforcement agency told then-candidate Trump there were concerns about ‘Russia meddling’ with his aides…

…but decided to spy on that campaign instead.

Worse, agency lures such as Halper, ‘Greenburg’, and Mifsud attempted a set-up of Trump campaign aides in a variety of entrapment schemes to cook up a ‘collusion’ pot.

All while you were FBI Director, Jim…THAT’S ‘what the heck he’s talking about.’

Better keep looking over your shoulder Jim…

…there’s a new Attorney General in town…and it looks like he wants to talk to you.

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