…and let’s talk ‘humanitarian crisis’ for a moment…

It’s not an humanitarian crisis when they end their journey at the U.S. border…

…it’s when they START their journey.

Everyone knows luring women and children into danger is criminal.

But that’s exactly what the Democrat open-borders rhetoric does…enticing thousands of women/kids who will be used as emotional shields (or worse), and will be sexually molested and otherwise physically endangered along a torturous journey to the USA.

Clearly, open-border and sanctuary policies encourage such criminal endangerment.

It’s no different than online sex predation, or luring children across busy roads with an enticement of candy or toys…it endangers those who are enticed into bad choices…

…and should be prosecuted similarly.



As for the Left defining a crisis as the journey’s end, rather than it’s beginning, that’s like saying a child hit by a car was the crisis, but not the act of luring them into the road.


…are they saying sex assaults and physical hardships endured on the way don’t count?

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