Over 130,000 illegals arrested for physical crimes in 1 year, but ‘there’s no national emergency’?

Liberals heads are exploding over our earlier blog ridiculing Democrat demands for ‘equal airtime’ to respond after President Trump addresses the border security issue.

Some are taking up the official Democrat meme that there’s no national emergency.

What’s not a national emergency that entails over 130k illegals arrested annually for physical crimes? 4,000 homicides; 100,000 assault crimes; 30,000 sex crimes.

Did we mention…THEY’RE ILLEGAL?

How is that any different than an invading force that attacks a Nation, kills 4,000 of its citizens, rapes 30,000 of its citizens, and assaults 100,000 of its citizens?

The only difference is they aren’t in uniform.

National emergency? You bet.

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