Retired CIA Station Chief channels BlueCollar

“There Is No Question That Trump Should Release the FISA Documents”

This Newsmax article written by a retired CIA station chief clarifies the reasoning behind his assertion, that only critics warning not to declassify are those who will be exposed.

Our recent post makes the case that there’s no reason to wait any longer.

We’re gratified to learn intelligence agency heavyweights seem to agree.

If the President waits until Mueller files a derogatory report that is light on evidence but heavy on political innuendo and supposition meant to damage him, it’ll be dismissed as merely a defensive gesture and scattered to the four winds by FakeNews media.

Better to do it now, while there’s any opportunity to focus the spotlight on machinations that necessarily should be exposed for what they were – weaponized partisan thuggery.

No doubt, it’ll be under-reported by FakeNews, but shining a light on these cockroaches is sorely required, and provides Americans with conversation for the holidays along the lines of ‘do we really want this type of illicit gov’t agency involvement in our elections’?

Oh, yeah…then, can we follow up with a heavy dose of INDICTMENTS?

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