Holding political chicanery over the heads of wrong-doers as ‘clout’ has serious drawbacks…

Reporting alleges President Trump is holding malevolent opposition in check by threats of releasing potentially damning evidence of their multitudinous political wrong-doing.

Well, that’s great for him and his future political aspirations, but what about us?

The 2016 election was about holding them accountable…not keeping them pliable.

What about every American who no longer sees Equal Justice Under The Law as this travesty plays out, where criminality by political heavyweights gets a free pass?

If these political wrong-doers remain free, Americans are subject to more of the same.

The fact they’re still able to walk tall in Washington encourages others to follow, makes a mockery of our Justice system, and destroys grassroots faith in leadership we crave.

Speaking from a blue-collar perspective, we’re tired of politics as usual.

Stop playing the Potomac 2-step, President Trump – hold them accountable…NOW.

Besides…your deep-state information gets older every day, and considering negative 24/7 coverage and a willingness to publish any LIE that comes along, is it really clout?

After all, 2018 midterm House losses reveal positive GOP results didn’t matter.

What makes you think 4-yr old revelations eighteen months from now will?

Drop the hammer, Mr. President…give your supporters a Christmas to remember.

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