If media Benghazi coverage equaled Khashoggi coverage, Romney would’ve been elected president in 2012

FACT: Over a 12-hr period, Libyan terror groups attacked Americans in Benghazi, killed 4 Americans…but Obama slept, resting up for a next-day Vegas fundraiser. Military assets and drones in the region could’ve been deployed, if Obama ok’d it…but didn’t.

The media yawned.

Understand…the first person died an hour or two into the attacks. The last two died in the 11th hour of the attack. Finally, 40-some Americans were saved from a similar fate, 12 hrs after the attacks started, by civilian American security subcontractors.

There were pre-assault activities that indicated what was coming – roads being blocked off, armed groups assembling, etc. Arguably, at the onset, if even one F-16 had been deployed for a fly-over, it would have discouraged, slowed up, or warned off assailants.

A military drone with assault weaponry could have de-fused the situation, but only Barack Obama could’ve authorized such measures on foreign soil…yet he went to bed.

Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods were killed because of his ineptitude.

How could a collective media yawn over such malfeasance by an American president? 

Fast forward to the American media frenzy today, over:

  1. a SAUDI citizen, who
  2. may or may not have disappeared (no proof, to date),
  3. going into a Saudi embassy IN TURKEY, AND
  4. may or may not have been detained-tortured-killed (no proof, to date)…

…then ask yourself – REALLY?

Obama refused to deploy military because he was facing re-election, had claimed the War on Terror was no longer an issue, and didn’t want the optics of contrary fact.

If the media savaged Obama over 4 dead Americans, on foreign soil, the way they’re savaging President Trump now because of a Saudi whose fate (on foreign soil) is still unknown, the American electorate would’ve seen him for the cause of American dead…

…and voted accordingly – Mitt Romney would’ve been elected.

That aside, lack of proof on this guy Khashoggi’s fate notwithstanding…

…who honestly thinks an  American president is responsible for FOREIGN citizens…

…on FOREIGN soil?

Only FakeNews can try to make such a claim.

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