Continued LYING about GOP health plans doesn’t make the lies true

Short argument regarding Democrat slams against the Republican plan: Lying doesn’t make it true – the GOP plan doesn’t take away protections for pre-existing conditions.

Of course, that won’t stop Democrats from lying…it’s what they do.

As this late September IBD article notes “…the attacks both exaggerate the problem and distort the Republican’s approach to health care reform. (But) Everyone else already had this protection. State and federal laws already mandated that large group plans couldn’t charge more or deny coverage for someone because of a pre-existing condition. States had similar laws in place for small group plans.”

(Bold, underline emphasis added)

The only consumers who may have been adversely affected are covered by a risk pool built into the GOP plan, but, OOPS…the Democrats forget to mention that little fact.

As the article notes “Republicans’ ObamaCare replacement plan included protections for those with pre-existing conditions. They just had a different — and we’d argue, far better and less costly — approach. Whatever anyone thinks of the Republican alternatives, it’s clear that ObamaCare’s approach is failing. Its rules and mandates led to double-digit price increases year after year, which have priced millions of families out of the insurance market altogether.” (emphasis added)

Bottom Line? Yes – the GOP plan did away w-O’care ‘p-e-c’ coverage, but ADDED AN ALTERNATIVE…which of course is conveniently ignored by deceitful politicians lying to get some votes. Families priced out of the insurance market altogether by Obamacare far exceeds the few affected (but, still covered) by alternative GOP plans.

Double-digit rate hikes make Obamacare the bad guy here…not the Republican plans.

But don’t let that get in the way of Democrat messaging.

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