Of minstrel shows and plantation masters, NOBODY does servile like…FakeNews

Servile: (adj) of or befitting a slave or a menial position, meanly or cravenly submissive

Kanye West is vilified by FakeNews as a token negrofor supporting President Trump, and being accused of putting on a minstrel show in the White House earlier this week.

Kanye openly admires Donald Trump, and rightly notes the positive changes that have occurred for the black community as a whole since Republicans won control in 2016.

Historic low unemployment for minorities; manufacturing jobs created; take-home pay increases; employee benefit expansions – all things Obama said could not happen

…without the ‘magic wand’ he claimed then-candidate Trump would need.

Well, it’s official – the Republican Party is now the Magic-Wand Party: Trump’s Economy Is Creating Factory Jobs 10 Times Faster Than Obama’s

And, as for token negroes and minstrel shows – those can be seen daily…on CNN.

During the Obama years of sub-par growth and high minority unemployment, in their menial positions they fawned and served at the feet of Democrat ineptitude…yet, now dare to call out and demean Kanye West for what they’re guilty of themselves.

To deny the factual evidence of MORE jobs, LOWER unemployment, and INCREASED opportunities for the black community…to veil Democrat failures…is despicable in the extreme – especially when their efforts will effectively keep the black community down.

CNN is the poster-child of the cravenly submissive who serve plantation masters.

For speaking truth to FakeNews…in our opinion…

…Kanye West epitomizes the heroic efforts of a Superman. Question is, will Kanye be the Democrats’ Kryptonite, that finally breaks their strangle-hold on black America?

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