Message to Eric Holder: it will be hard for you guys to kick OVER your head

Holder was in Georgia campaigning for some Democrat, and during a campaign stop he told an audience, about Republicans “When they go low, we kick them.” But…

…there’s no way Republicans can go lower than the Democrat Kavanaugh smearing…

…or their Antifa/BlackLivesMatter rioting and violence. That’s lower than low. The GOP problem has always been taking the HIGH road during the Democrat low-road tactics.

No honest American would deny Democrats live by GUTTER-politics.

?!?!?Which begs the ‘kicking’ question, for Democrats?!?!?

It’s scary to visualize Hillary, Nancy & DiFi trying to kick higher than their heads.

(We apologize for planting that image in everyone’s mental Rolodex.)

Seriously…when was the last time a Republican shot up a Democrat congressional ball-team, burned an Obama-supporter pickup truck, or restaurant-stalked Susan Rice?

When was the last time Republicans called for Mob-rule, and guilt-by-accusation?

Low? Yeah…we know which Party goes low; problem is the other Party WON’T kick.

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