…au contraire, readers…even an activist can be a victim…

Marjorie L. reacted to our last post, claiming Kavanaugh’s accuser has lost all credibility based on her Left-wing activism, alleged funding, and scrubbed social media account.

Point taken, but in this New-Age political world, we maintain that the best approach for Kavanaugh is to assert innocence, while extending sympathy to a ‘confused’ victim.

Even a Left-wing activist can be a victim…the high road shows integrity and humanity.

Suffice to say those who embrace the Democrats’ politics of personal destruction will not be swayed by such an act of integrity, but those disgusted with political chicanery and willing to keep an open mind would give Brett Kavanaugh kudos for such acts.

Besides, this may not be the end of such political evil, but just the beginning.

We have no doubt Democrat Senator Cory Booker has an ‘anonymous letter’ alluding to Brett Kavanaugh being a secret member, maybe even Grand Wizard…of the KKK.

Buckle up – the next 50 days to midterm elections will be tumultuous.

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