Fighting the Democrat ‘politics of personal destruction’ construct

It was only a matter of time for Democrats to launch their politics of personal destruction against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh…after all, this is what Democrats do.

So they wait until the 11th hour, just before a vote on his nomination, then hit him with a claim of an alleged drunken teen-age sexual assault on a girl over 35 years ago.

Why they never came forward DURING the hearing is the question. Politics of personal destruction is the only answer, but additionally, the accuser also needs attention.

It’s a ‘he-said, she-said’ situation with a twist, in that the only alleged witness to the event claims it never happened; but none-the-less, how to deal with the issue is key.

The lady has a right to be heard. That said, so does Kavanaugh, and he should know that a categorical denial is just one part of handling this potentially explosive situation.

Because, if it never happened…the lady has issues to be dealt with. And, if it happened, but it’s just a case of mistaken identity…the lady has issues that must be dealt with.

Either way – the lady has issues that need to be dealt with. And, either way, the falsely accused (whether accidentally, or deliberately) has a reputation to be protected.

The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accuser…but she has none.

There are several layers of dynamics in play. First, either a sexual assault occurred, or it didn’t. Second, who was involved? And, in both cases, what evidence is available?

And, finally, how does an innocent Kavanaugh deal with this…and not stay smeared?

She doesn’t remember WHEN it happened, or where. Left with her word, the only thing to be done, the only thing that can be done, is ask what we know about the accuser.

What is known isn’t pretty, politically. She’s a Left wing activist, reportedly her legal fees are being paid by George Soros, and scrubbed her social media before this debut.

But…she’s a woman, claiming sexual assault. Kavanaugh’s best approach is to assert his innocence WHILE expressing sympathy for what was a traumatic issue and, in the context of her confused memory…deserving of support and assistance with it all.

And move on.

As for the politics at play within the Senate…

…that body should pass a firm inviolable rule that ANY & ALL issues addressing personal integrity must be brought up at the beginning of the hearing process…

…not just hours before a vote.

In this case, Kavanaugh asserts his innocence, the accuser has no proof, the issue was known months ago by the opposition Party, but didn’t bring it up during the hearing.

Clearly, it’s a despicable ploy…and we tire over these politics of personal destruction.

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