If trampling the Rule of Law isn’t impeachable, nothing is…

A reader (Sue F) notes today’s leaders show no respect for the laws they dislike.

Examples abound where the Anointed One or his Dept. of Justice have refused to uphold or enforce the law, from Black Panther voter intimidation to employer mandates.

Our response encapsulates the problem with selective enforcement of the Law, and why such acts must be deemed an impeachable offense when committed by leaders…

Every moment of our American lives is touched by Law. The air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, roads we drive on, places of employment…are affected by the Law.

When forced to live in a world where SELECTIVE enforcement is the norm, you’re then no longer subject to the law, but subject to the person or group doing the selecting.

It’s at that point the Founding Fathers envisioned, when they included Impeachment verbiage in our U. S. Constitution. They had seen selective law enforcement in Europe.

They had seen the consequences of not providing equal protection under the law.

And, we repeat this very important fact: the U.S. Constitution states that the Congress makes law, the Executive branch enforces law…and the 14th Amendment, Section 1 clearly demands equal protection under the law.

By choosing what laws to enforce and ignore, the Executive nullifies the Constitution and the legislative mechanism that allows changing the law…through Congress.

Sadly, many of today’s political class refuse to make these distinctions.

The fabric of our American society is woven with threads of Respect for Law…

Free citizens – who wish to remain so – should demand Impeachment of ANY political leader who threatens that freedom…and when it comes to selective law enforcement…

…nothing rips apart our society’s fabric more thoroughly…

NOTHING threatens your Freedom more!!

Impeach…or surrender.

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