What more important reason for impeachment…?

The Founders recognized that there could be attempts against this Nation’s fabric, and that they could very well be made by leaders in the highest positions of power.

Thus the existence of Article I, sections 2 & 3, and Article II, section 4.

The soul of America is in its reverence of, and deference to, one principle…

…the Rule of Law…energetically supported by democratic means.

A leader who openly disdains that foundational core rips out the soul of our nation.

A president who swears as an Oath of office to “…faithfully execute the Office of President…” does not sotto voce invoke “except for those laws I don’t like.”

Laws support the ethics of America, and ensure the fair treatment of its citizens.

Without the Rule of Law, America is no different from every other country in the world.

Without respect for the Law, anarchists prevail, and our collective National soul dies.

We elect a Congress to make laws – it’s a President’s duty to uphold and execute them.

As a leader, injecting this Nation with a fatal dose of anti-law precedent, by advocating and administering policy in open violation of that core principle, is a High Crime…

…punishable by Impeachment.

What greater crime against a Nation, than the destruction of its soul?


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