Want proof the Mueller probe is corrupt?

Mueller torpedoed his own legitimacy, by putting Weissmann on his team.

Fox News headline“DOJ’s Bruce Ohr kept Mueller deputy ‘in the loop’ about anti-Trump dossier, sources say” (and those ‘sources’ were QUOTING…Bruce Ohr.)

.Rogue Justice Dept official Bruce Ohr unethically back-channeled the Steele dirt-dossier to the FBI and DOJ, and one of the Justice people was Andrew Weissmann…

“who is now a top Robert Mueller deputy.”

Bear in mind, Steele had been fired by the FBI and was to have NO further contact with that agency, Steele’s dossier is unsubstantiated, and even he admits it’s unverifiable.

Bottom Line: an unsubstantiated dirt-dossier funded by Democrats, was funneled into the FBI and Justice Dept by corrupt DOJ Ohr to build a FISA app warrant to illegally surveil aides in an American political campaign, then to start a hoax Mueller probe.

The fact the Steele dossier was unsubstantiated, funded by an opposition political party, and anti-Trump bias of its author and FBI/DOJ officials was not noted as existing as part of the FISA apps, is further proof of the illegitimate nature of this entire process.

How much more proof is needed, before this travesty is terminated?

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