Want proof of FakeNews media bias?

“Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal Exposes Media Double Standard”

FakeNews, worked up over a $130k payment that ISN’T a campaign finance violation, has decided Hillary Clinton’s $84 million campaign finance violation isn’t newsworthy.

Daily Caller op-ed“Whereas it’s likely that President Trump did not violate campaign finance law in any way, his 2016 opponent is implicated in America’s largest campaign finance scandal to date…And yet the liberal media has deemed the scandal unworthy of its coverage, even though the Committee’s complaint has resulted in an ongoing federal investigation. Months have passed since that investigation was opened, and the likes of The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC refuse to cover it. Ditto for CBS, ABC, and NBC — only crickets.” (Underline and bold emphasis added)

Next time Liberal buddies demand proof of FakeNews…give ’em $84 million of them.

Covering up for Democrats is just as deceitful as overhyping/lying about Republicans.

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