Allowing illegal children to be a loophole in immigration policy ENDANGERS CHILDREN

When all is said and done, it comes down to this…allowing illegal children to be a ‘loophole’ in immigration policy makes them targets for manipulation by drug dealers, sex traffickers, and other vile criminal elements intent on getting into the United States.

From ‘residency marriages‘ to ‘birthright citizenship’ to ‘catch-&-release’ policy, the effect of such loopholes encourages disgusting acts of deviancy by illegal alien adults looking to game the system…deceptively using and abusing children in the process.

Urgent legislation is needed to address this issue, and in the meantime, it’s important that everyone understand that reckless comments increase the abuse.

Surely, even the most ardent open-borders believer must not condone child abuse?

Bottom line…?

ANY rhetoric that encourages those despicable acts ENDANGERS CHILDREN.



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