If foreign agents REALLY impact U.S. elections, the voter has a right to know how it’s done

What sense does it make to claim, because details are ‘classified’, American voters can’t be told how, where, and when foreigners meddled in the U.S. election process…

…when American voters were the ones meddled with?

Think about it: Left-wing nuts, FakeNews, and Democrats all want the American people to believe Russians manipulated the vote process, but don’t want us to know how.

Federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies surveilled an opposition political party campaign through use of ‘suspected’ foreign ‘collusion’…but won’t reveal data.

What’s wrong with this picture?

There are 3 components to an election process: Campaigns, Voting, Counting Votes.

Campaigning involves presenting ideas to prospective voters. Voting involves going to the polling place, or mailing in a ballot. Counting votes involves just what it implies.

The common denominator in all of this – is the VOTER.

If the voter was coerced before an election; if the vote ballot was manipulated during the vote; or, if the count process was meddled with after…it defies logic to say the voter doesn’t have a right to know 1) how, where, and when such an occurrence happened.

And last time we checked, Congress is the representative body for American voters…

…not the FBI, CIA, or Justice Department.

When those appointed agency leaders are asked to explain the situation to American voters by their representatives…those agencies should be willing to do so.

Refusing to do so means just one thing – dishonest tactics are being hidden.

Defiance of Congressional subpoena by any agency employee warrants jail time.

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