What’s so ‘stunning’ about a Republican not signing a Left-wing manifesto?

“Trump stuns allies, won’t sign G-7 joint agreement”


Investor’s Business Daily explains the logic of President Trump not signing the so-called G7 ‘communique’, referring to it as “an empty, far-left political document” with a summary of the document that quite clearly is 180 degrees from any GOP policy.

“It held a panoply of meaningless leftist buzzwords that the U.S. was supposed to embrace, including “such phrases as ‘sustainable development,’ ‘gender equality and women’s empowerment,’ ‘fair’ and ‘progressive’ tax systems, a ‘level playing field,’ ‘affordable healthcare,’ a ‘healthy planet,’ and ‘quality work environments.’ None of those thing(s), by the way, have anything whatsoever to do with government. As a matter of fact, intervention of incompetent governments makes most of those things measurably worse.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

Any ‘ally’ that doesn’t see the positive result Republicans have created with their tax-cut legislation in the USA, and overlooks failures of Left-wing governments elsewhere, have only themselves to blame if they’re clueless on why Mr. Trump won’t sign drivel.

‘Stunning’? You bet…but only to an anti-Republican Left.

Those ‘stunned’ are hoping, as Bill Maher hopes, that a recession hits America soon.

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