Sssooo…the only successful way to deal w-rogue regimes is to give ’em pallets of cash?

Schumer: Trump has given a ‘brutal and repressive dictatorship’ legitimacy

Wwellll…okay…maybe that’s possible, but, Senator Schumer, at least he didn’t give ’em billions in cash and nuclear concessions…or are you suggesting he should’ve?

(After all, you seemed thrilled with Obama’s cash/nuke give-aways to Iran.)

So, Obama gave rogue regimes MORE nuclear capabilities, and is thus revered for his diplomacy, but President Trump…by insisting No. Korea de-nuclearize…is reviled?

Democrats have a strange definition of ‘successful diplomacy’ when it comes down to which rogue-regime can have nukes and which cannot…based on who’s President.

And, it begs the question…

…is your Party okay with its schizophrenic nuclear-capable rogue-regime policy?

Oh, yeah, and please…

…don’t even get us started over Obama giving brutal, repressive Iran legitimacy.

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