How is ‘conflict-of-interest’ pertinent to private citizens…but NOT to PUBLICLY ELECTED officials?

Amazingly, the Left wing media is bent on condemning a  private citizen like Sean Hannity with conflict-of-interest, yet oblivious to their own conflicts of interest?

Rush Limbaugh outlined many of those conflicts today during his first hour, and the list runs DEEP…FakeNews media is joined at the hip with all manner of Leftie politicos.

If an elected politician gets a pass on that, then no one should be spot-lighted.

(And, we reiterate for emphasis, the belief that much of the conflict-of-interest that runs rampant throughout the Mueller staff is NOT coincidental…we firmly believe it’s not only a massive effort to de-legitimize or remove the President…but to hide evidence that incriminates the very staffers – and Mueller – relevant to recently exposed scandals.)

(Updated to add segment link)

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