No need for high drama as GOP chooses a new Speaker of the House

Why make things more complicated than they need to be?

The next Speaker of the House in Congress doesn’t need to be a political animal like every Speaker before…Republicans can do away with that by choosing their Speaker from OUTSIDE Congress, thus doing away with the inevitable political posturing.

The Speaker has authority over priorities in Congress, and those priorities have too often been subjected to what’s better for the politician…rather than for Americans.

America is better served by an objective referee…than a subjective politician.

In Article I, Sec2, subsec5, our Constitution says “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers” but doesn’t say ‘from the membership’.

Some could argue that, with the Speaker being in the presidential line of succession, it would be wise to have an elected representative, and it’s a point worth noting.

But, with all the political posturing and gaming that goes on, there’s also a good reason to have a Speaker above the fray, and thus immune from the attendant pressures.

‘Chusing’ a Speaker with the same background as a Supreme Court nominee, one who is faithful to the U.S. Constitution, should satisfy even the most critical Republican.

Just a random thought on the imminent drama.

(Updated – there is already, by law, possibilities of presidential succession that may involve non-elected officials from a President’s cabinet appointees.)

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