All the porn that’s fit to report…and all the REAL news they won’t report

CBS president David Rhodes (yeah, the brother of Obama flunky Ben Rhodes, who bragged about creating an ‘echo chamber’ to get Iran their nuke deal) is aflutter over all of the reporting left to do so CBS can air their ’60 Minutes’ interview with a porn star.

(‘Cuz the porn star claims to have had a long-ago relationship with citizen Trump!)

Forget that there’s scads of reporting NOT BEING DONE on the Democrat collusion-with-Russia story, or about the House Democrat national security breach and scandal brewing over the unqualified Pakistani IT aides allowed to run riot through Congress.

And, by all means…ignore the Obama-era legacy of leniency that enabled the Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz to brutally gun down dozens of school-kids, killing 17.

(Yeah, yeah…gotta concentrate on that pornstar story. Hey, it can hurt Trump!)

This is mainstream journalism today.

Hopefully, honest Americans won’t put up with it too much longer.

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