Is the Democrat IT aide scandal trial being delayed to give Democrats cover in Nov election?

House Democrats have a HUGE scandal on their hands…and a federal judge may be covering for them…at least, until after the upcoming November midterm elections.

Some 40+ Democrat members of the House of Representatives hired an unqualified group of Pakistanis to run their information technology, giving (as it turns out) illegal access to in many cases very highly classified congressional information.

The aides weren’t properly vetted, would never have qualified for security clearances, have since been exposed (some arrested), and Imran Awan is scheduled for a trial that inexplicably never seems to materialize…in the ‘land of the right-to-a-speedy-trial’.

Turns out the (Bill Clinton-appointed) judge delaying proceedings may be trying to keep all of the scandal this story represents under wraps until after the November elections.

California’s attorney general Xavier Becerra was leading the House Democratic Caucus at the time – it was his server Awan used to stash illegally accessed information. Up for election in California in November, he doesn’t want a bad national security scandal.

For that matter, quite a few House Democrats would be hurt by a trial that exposes the very real story of how seriously they jeopardized our national security, allowing massive data breaches that could even have been done remotely while they were in Pakistan.

Shouldn’t the media be all over this huge scandal?

National security continues to poll as a strong issue among American voters. How long will it take before Republicans start using campaign platforms to expose this failure?

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