Those dismissing the House GOP memo exposing abuses ignore 1 critical fact…

Democrats and GOP never-Trump’ers claim the House memo, which outlines abuses of the FISA system, has no substance – but that claim is only valid if 1 factor is ignored…

…a July FISA application was denied BEFORE the dossier was included, and only was approved in October AFTER the dossier with it’s unsubstantiated info was added.

And, there’s this…

Then-Deputy FBI Directory McCabe testified the dossier was critical to the warrant ok.

Under oath.

Democrats are claiming the closed-door testimony is being taken out of context, but the House Intel chairman, Nunes, says he’ll release McCabe’s testimony if necessary.

Bottom line…

…anyone making the claim FISA abuses are overblown, even though the approved warrant application included unfounded hearsay to get it ok’d, have an uphill climb.

Even with duplicitous FakeNews media giving them a helpful assist, a tough climb.

An Investor Business Daily poll gives Democrats an ominous sign of what lies ahead:

“Some 55% of those said it was “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” There was an obvious partisan split among the responses, with 87% of Republicans and 55% of independents saying the improper spying took place, but only 31% of Democrats.” (emphasis added)

31% of Democrats saying it’s likely the Obama administration improperly surveilled an opposition political campaign has HUGE implications for mid-terms this November.

And should be troubling for those trying to whistle past the FISA-abuse memo now.

Now, it can only be even more troubling that it appears the dirty-dossier was not just a laundry-list of Russian hearsay, but can be sourced back to Hillary’s campaign.

KARMA: Looks like – for Democrats – the hits just keep on coming.

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