Maybe it’s time to give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine

Obama expanded abilities to surveille citizens before leaving office, with an executive order just days before his exit, which widened that capacity for 17 gov’t agencies.

Republicans claimed the act was done to make it easier to unmask those surveilled and (of course) Democrats scoffed at this charge, dismissing it as just partisan chatter.

Anyone with a reasoning faculty understands, if the Democrat position is correct, then the only way forward is to believe that Obama wanted Trump to have greater powers to monitor and expose the opposition Party…which on the face of it is a ludicrous premise.

But, if that’s the way Democrats want the game played, why not double down?

President Trump has more than enough evidence that PROVES the Democrat Party in general, and the Hillary Clinton campaign in specific, colluded with Russians to develop their opposition smear effort with the dirt-dossier they paid for through FusionGPS.

Game on:

Let’s push for expanded surveillance of suspected colluders ‘cuz, after all…Obama set up the surveillance expansion, so…it must be okay and critical for America…

…otherwise, Obama wouldn’t have let 11 months go by after developing a wider plan of NSA info-dissemination, or waited until just 8 days before leaving office to do so…

…and even Democrats demand that Russia-colluders MUST be exposed, right?


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