Multi-tasking at the Left’s expense – Playing the media, Democrats, and critics…writ LARGE

The media master just played a Trump-card…in Presidential fashion.

Right on the heels of yet another fake write-up of Donald Trump, building on the Left’s latest narrative of a mentally unstable President, he holds court in front of the Nation.

With Senate and House congressional leaders, he commandeered a public display in complete control of the immigration narrative¬†with a thoughtful, provocative manner, and put¬†attending politicians on notice that they must “put country before Party”.

Donald Trump just proved his detractors wrong on yet another narrative…and has given the GOP yet one more arrow in the quiver for mid-terms, if Democrats stall the agenda.

Personally, we think there should be more open meetings over the issues.

Crazy? Yeah – Like a fox!!

Well played, Mr. President.

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