What did Prince Charming know…and when did he know it?

So…Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are the latest #MeToo sexual predation victims?

Evidently, some on the Left believe so, since a sleeping female cannot consent to a kiss from a young prince, breaking a curse of a forever-sleep state…but begs a question…

what did Prince Charming know, and when did he know it?

After all, if he knew of the curse – and it’s kissable cure – he was rendering first aid.

That said – we would never suggest Harvey Weinstein is a Prince Charming – but need to ask which aspiring actress-victim was sleeping during his predation?

Sounds more like the ‘victims’ of Harvey were consenting adults, willing to trade sexual favors for the possibility of fame and fortune in Hollywood…there’s a name for that.

And begs a larger question – What decent woman accepts that deal?

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