Could it be CNN that FusionGPS is trying to cover for?

We noted in a previous blog that throwing Hillary and her DNC cohort under the bus may have been a deflecting effort to obfuscate some larger Swamp Demons involved.

Now comes this Daily Caller headline: CNN’s Undisclosed Ties To Fusion GPS

Swamp Demons are little more than slimy insignificant salamanders without real power.

The true power in this game is Information…and if CNN has muddy footprints in sleaze funding the hillarydoc (aka smear ‘dossier’), then FusionGPS principals have a problem because, if CNN’s shown as financially involved, the information channel is damaged.

Without information-power prestige, FusionGPS becomes a political-tabloid joke

…as will CNN…if banking data shows their fingers deep in the sleaze-mongering.

Can’t wait to see that FusionGPS banking data.

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