Exposing Hillary and DNC makes you wonder what (or who) is more important & still needs protecting?

We posted yesterday that the FusionGPS concession that exposed Hillary and the DNC as funding the sleaze-doc is only the beginning, and they’re hiding bigger chicanery.

What (or who) is more important than Hillary and her sycophant DNC?

Kimberly Strassel channeled BlueCollar today…The Coming Russia Bombshells“… 

…she notes that the subpoena for FusionGPS bank records is still being considered by the court, and posits that the release of funding details was simply a ploy to hide other players FusionGPS has been working with – Swamp Demons are swimming for cover.

Hillary is yesterday’s news. The DNC can be thrown under the bus because they were Hillary sycophants (Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a HUGE shill of the Clintons), and the ‘new’ DNC can claim plausible deniability (and distance from yesterday’s news).

So, who/what can be a bigger ‘protectee’ than Hillary and her DNC?

For starters Barack Obama, and the heavily-invested Democrat deep-state embeds throughout key agencies in gov’t. Then there’s billionaire backers like Soros and Steyer. And, maybe, just maybe, FakeNews media heavyweights desperate to stay hidden?

With the possibles involved, it’s not unreasonable to see a Party break-up in the mist.

Buckle up – if those bank records are exposed, all hell’s gonna break loose.

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