Remember, team owners, who your customers are

This whole ‘disrespect America, take-a-knee’ controversy will not end well for owners. The key to fan-based sport events is the “FAN”…and they aren’t happy with any of this, especially when the entire justification for their disrespect is based on a LIE.

The NFL is in the entertainment business, and a look at the empty stadium seats should tell any owner that TV ratings are similarly going empty…which means profits plunge. This isn’t rocket science. Basing disrespect of your country on a LIE is never a winner.

These are tragic days for long-time NFL fans, but many will not stand for disrespect.

HUGE respect, however for Alejandro Villanueva…the only Steeler to take the field and salute his flag yesterday, as his team huddled in the locker-room, in Lie-solidarity.

Thank you sir – you are a true Patriot among weak-kneelers. Your jersey’s on order.

Memo to owners – sure, your high-paid employees can disrespect America…

…and Americans can disavow the NFL.

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