Divisiveness is, as divisiveness does

Divider-in-Chief‘? Please! Liberals, ease up on the dishonesty, okay?

Claiming police are indiscriminately killing unarmed blacks, when nothing is farther from the truth, isn’t divisive? But holding liars and demagogues accountable is?

Facts can be inconvenient things (especially for FakeNews con-artists).

As noted in previous blogs, it’s a FACT only 16 unarmed blacks were killed by police in 2016, but 600 blacks were killed in Chicago last year…so when high-paid athletes want to ‘take-a-knee’ disrespecting America to protest against police instead of thuggery that is running rampant throughout our large cities, we’re suggesting THAT’S being divisive.

(How is it a President who demands respect for our Nation can be labelled divisive?)

The tragedy is a FakeNews outlet like USA Today doesn’t see the difference…or care.

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