‘Never-Trump’ Republicans are the Democrats’ new useful idiots

Call it what it is.

Never-Trump Republicans are the new useful idiots for Democrats and the Left.

They oppose him for one reason, and one reason only – he’s not one of them.

In light of the unconstitutional and corrupt 8 years we’ve just survived, we can’t possibly think of any other feasible reason for ANY Republican to deny Trump’s presidency.

Was philanderer Bill Clinton’s White House intern-prowling any less crass or uncouth?

Was Obama’s ‘they bring knives, we bring guns’ versus an ‘enemy’ GOP less thuggish?

Was Hillary’s unlawful private email setup and subsequent eradication any less corrupt?

Was ‘you like your plan, you can keep your plan’ and ‘it-was-a-video’ less mendacious?

Those who voted for this President did so because they saw him not only as a swamp-drainer, but also as the ONLY one in the GOP willing to go toe-to-toe with Democrats…

and against the unethical, deceitful Media-masters pulling their strings.


We challenge ANY never-Trump Republican to offer LEGITIMATE cause to oppose Donald J Trump as the President of the United States of America.

Failing that, they oppose him because he’s not a Swamp-Dweller…plain and simple.

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