Collusion Hypocrisy: media runs from Lynch-Clinton meeting, lunges for every scrap of Trump Jr-Russia meeting

Our blog post headline says it all.

When Bill Clinton and Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch secretly met on a tarmac in Arizona, but were suddenly discovered – while Hillary was under DoJ investigation during her presidential campaign – media contortions to avoid the story were legendary.

But a Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer justifies pedal-to-the-metal coverage?

It bears repeating: Hillary was under investigation by Lynch’s DoJ when that AG secretly met with husband Bill Clinton just DAYS before that FBI investigation was dropped.

And the press went crazy trying to cover it up.

Collusion – you bet there was…but trashing Mr. Trump isn’t part of THAT narrative.

In a Trump-Russia collusion meme, the media’s hyping what MIGHT be real…in the Clinton-Lynch meeting, the same media dodges reporting on what IS REAL.

Just one more YUUUGE reason to turn disavow Fake-News.

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