The Midnight Ride of…Pavel Revere?

First, (just for contrarian kicks) let’s analyze WHY there was dirt on Hillary…

It does, after all, beg the question:

Why the focus on the receiver of opposition research, but not on a flawed candidate who made themselves the target by being the MOST CORRUPT Democrat…ever?

Just seems convenient Democrats and their sham-media masters are indifferent to the real story – damaging information about their candidate was…the candidate’s fault.

And, isn’t it ironic untrustworthy, meddling Russians dishing unhelpful dirt on Democrats are now the SAME dastardly Russians seen by media as – trustworthy and helpful

…when meddling and dishing (as yet, unproven) dirt on Republicans?

What still remains unanswered is why Russians would assist a Republican get elected when the GOP’s energy policies threaten that stranglehold Russia has over Europe…

…but we’re sure the Fake-News media will be able to concoct something…eventually.

After all, a sham-media that can change ‘The Russians Are Meddling, The Russians Are Meddling’ overnight to ‘The Russians Are Helping, The Russians Are Helping’…

…can do just about…ANYTHING.

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