It’s amazing how many ‘conservatives’ fall into the collusion swamp

Now, it’s Charles Krauthammer wallowing in the mucky embrace of the fever swamp.

He sees the willingness of Trump Jr to take a meeting with a purported Russian official who might have criminal wrong-doing info on Hillary as ‘damning evidence’.

He maintains information from stateside’s okay, but not from ‘a hostile foreign power’.

Let’s unpack this, shall we?

In June, 2016 we’re living under an Obama Regime…you know, the one we got after Obama promised Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘more flexibility’ after the 2014 election.

Your candidate is or may be running against arguably the most corrupt Democrat this country’s ever seen, as Obama’s Justice Dept gives her cover from unlawful activities.

Got that? We’re living under a hostile domestic power, Dr Krauthammer.

You receive an intermediary email that there may be damning evidence against her.

What choices do you have? Ignore? Report? Meet?

Ignore, and America may end up with the female version of Joseph Stalin. Report, and you’re placing your trust in the Obama Regime…which takes us back to ‘Ignore’ results.

Or take the meeting. You know…what Dr. Krauthammer labels as the “deeply wrong, a fundamental violation of any code of civic honor” choice.

Sorry Charlie…

…but your kind’s haughty moral high ground attitude is what breeds the Hillary’s, and keeps spawning them from the depths of the murky swamp we’re trying to leave behind.

If a ‘code of civic honor’ begets Hillary Clinton as president, it’s a slam-dunk…protecting Americans from that menace is the ULTIMATE code of civil honor….


(Editor note: we may be over-the-top with the Joseph Stalin reference, but in today’s fever swamp, we decided ‘hyperbole isn’t just a Democrat prerogative anymore.)

(Besides, you know what we mean.)

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