Is the American public happy with Democrat-hired private firms eroding our election process?

Where’s the outrage?

All this Russian-meddling anti-Trump lunacy is because of 2 private companies, and the lunatic Left capitalizing on no-evidence-needed hype to erode our election process.

CrowdStrike is a Democrat-hired firm that reviewed the DNC’s dodgy computer usage, declared ‘Russians are at fault’ and, then, the DNC refused FBI access to investigate.

Got that?

A DNC-hired firm refuses FBI-DoJ access to verify claims…unchallenged by media.

FusionGPS is a Democrat-hired firm that commissioned a fake Trump dossier creation which added to the infamous ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ meme that has the nation roiling.

Got that?

A Democrat-hired firm uses Russia-fed lies to attack Trump…unchallenged by media.

Unchallenged? Hell, sham-stream media has bellowed those lies from the rooftops.

So basically, 2 private Democrat-hired firms are the source of the ‘Russian meddling’ meme, and the ‘Trump colluded’ meme, and the questions that should be asked are…

  • Why does an American public not realize this chicanery, and say ‘ENOUGH’?
  • Why would any loyal Republican give credibility to such deceitful acts (regardless of how anti-Trump they might be)?
  • And what penalty should be dealt a political Party that would be so willing to damage our election process, for sordid partisan gain?

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